Cricket: MCC divides supporters with introduction of gender-neutral terms

Marylebone Cricket Club

Marylebone Cricket Club has announced a change in the Laws of Cricket by introducing gender-neutral terminology to the sport.

The previously-used term ‘batsman’ has been replaced by ‘batter’, in order to recognise and highlight the importance of the women’s game. 

MCC is the sole authority on the Laws of Cricket and has announced the change will be effective immediately.

Women’s cricket is growing at a rapid pace – more than 80,000 spectators attended the Twenty20 World Cup final between Australia and India in 2020 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

However, despite the rise in popularity, the new terminology laws have divided cricket fans and a debate has broken out on Twitter.

One user has said predicted the rule change to ‘really help to get more girls play the glorious game’ while another has tweeted: “This is so, so important for gender inclusivity and diversity and so many men being pressed about this shows exactly how much education we’re lacking.”

But there are some supporters who are questioning the reasoning behind the new laws.

Comments including “When the MCC goes #woke you know we are all in trouble” and “More nonsense to accommodate the snowflakes. Next up they’ll change Manchester to Chester” have been circulating.

The divide in opinion just proves changes like this are paramount for shaping sports to accommodate women more. There are female superstars all over the world and it’s important the relevant bodies are making moves necessary to promote equality in sport.

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