The best football bet ever? Fan wins £110k thanks to Leander Dendoncker and Hakim Ziyech

Ziyech and Dendoncker

Most of us enjoy a little gamble every now and then.

While there are obvious dangers with the addiction of gambling, some of us enjoy adding a bit of excitement to matches by throwing on a few quid on an outrageous bet.

We all dream of winning big on just a £1 bet but it very rarely happens. It’s 100,000/1 for a reason…



However, there are occasionally stories of the impossible happening.

And one of the greatest bets we’ve ever seen landed on Wednesday night.

The Carabao Cup probably isn’t the best competition to bet on. It’s impossible to know exactly what kind of line-up clubs will field as they often make numerous changes.

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However, these days, you don’t even need to bet on teams to win. You can literally bet on just about anything.

And that’s what one punter did on Wednesday.

Dean Woodward decided he would back Leander Dendoncker to have two or more headed shots on target for Wolves against Tottenham at 250/1. In a double, he also bet on Hakim Ziyech to have one or more right footed shots on target and one or more left footed shots on target. The odds came in at around 44,000/1.

Dean put £2.50 on it and sat back.

You can probably guess what happened next…

Crazy bet

That’s right.

Dendoncker had his two headers on target during Wolves’ 2-2 draw with Spurs before they lost on penalties – he even scored with one of those headers on target.

Meanwhile, at Stamford Bridge, Ziyech had three shots on target with at least coming from either foot during Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Aston Villa before they won on penalties.

The result? An incredible £110,440.00 win for Dean.

One of the greatest bets we’ve ever seen.

Dean’s reaction was simply a mindblown emoji while, in the replies, he says he wishes ‘he had more on’.

Crazy bet

He should probably be happy with the £110k win!

It should also be pointed out that some on social media are claiming that Dean’s bet is fake but we have no reason to suspect it is.

Let’s hope it’s 100% genuine and Dean enjoys his winnings.

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