FIFA 22 packs: How to tell what you've got in your pack by the animation


Fans of Ultimate Team on FIFA will already be anticipating logging into EA servers and buying their coins or points ahead of FIFA 22’s release date.

A new FIFA game can only mean one thing... spending loads of coins, or real life money for some people, on opening packs!

Fortunately for us, fans on Twitter have already detailed exactly what to look out for to know what you’re getting in your packs this year.

Ultimate Team gives football fans the chance to create their own dream team (choosing your own club name, kit, stadium etc.) by either buying packs through the store or earning rewards by playing games.

FIFA also regularly updates the packs throughout the year to include special cards of players who are over-performing in their club’s season; this will include rating changes as well as special attributes that are beneficial to your online squad.

Thanks to @SebFUT and the help of his friend @MattlyLive on Twitter, they’ve revealed the key points to watch out for when opening a pack.


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A pack opening can go one of three ways, and each time one is opened, you’ll be taken to a podium surrounded by lights with your card highlighted front and centre.

A normal pack will be dimly lit on the stage with smoke underneath, but the key part of this one is that there will be no flames whatsoever.

When opening a board pack, pay attention to either side of the card. If the two flames are lit, you’ll know it’s a board player.



The pack that every gamer is after is one that includes a walkout. When, or if, you are lucky enough to pack yourself one, a highly-rated player will make his way over to the stage and do a celebration or dance that they’ll likely never do on the pitch.

To know if you’ve opened a walkout, it’ll be pretty clear from the get go. There will be six flames across the podium all lit, as well as heaps of confetti that will match the colour of your card.

So there you have it, now you know what to look out for when you are on your pack opening sesh. We wish you all the best of luck!


The FIFA 22 release dates are as follows:

  • EA Play early access: Wednesday, September 22
  • EA Play Pro early access: Wednesday, September 22
  • Ultimate Edition: Monday, September 27
  • Standard Edition: Friday, October 1
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