Cristiano Ronaldo: Rio Ferdinand explains why he was ‘stunned’ when visiting his house

BT Sport pundit Rio Ferdinand

Although the two have not played together since 2009, Rio Ferdinand and Cristiano Ronaldo have remained in touch. 

Both formed major parts of the hugely successful Manchester United team who won three Premier League titles and the Champions League and, such was the level of unity coarsing through that outfit, their friendship remains. 

Indeed, Ferdinand was thought to have played a big role in convincing the 36-year-old to return to Old Trafford rather than move to Manchester City, calling on a bond that had been built up over the years. 

Speaking to Anthony Joshua ahead of his world title fight, the former England defender revealed that one particular aspect of Ronaldo’s life had left him stunned. 

While the forward’s commitment to keeping in peak physical fitness is well-documented, the lengths he would go to ensure he was always in the best shape shocked even a close friend. 

When asked by Joshua what it was he could do in order to mimic Ronaldo’s ability to keep on top for a prolonged period of time, Ferdinand revealed all. 

“I think you’ve gotta be brave – people never talk about Cristiano’s bravery,” he said (via William Will’s official YouTube channel). 

“He was brave to take risks, he came over to another country. He was brave to remain the person that he was, and didn’t change really.

“He became obsessed with the sport that he chose and then drilled down into details which was building a team around himself.

“I went round his house one time and I walked in and he had about six/seven people siting in his front room. I said to him, ‘Cris, who are all these people, man?’



“He was like, ‘That’s my personal masseur, my nutritionist, my doctor, my physio, my chef.’

“He had all these people and back then no one was doing that. He was a visionary in that sense.

“He’s just looking for every little detail that’s going to enable him to improve.

“He’ll send me a picture and he’s doing deep water recovery sessions in the sea. He’s driven two hours to get there when he was in Turin with Juventus.

“Other people are at home or out at dinner. He’s just looking for that extra edge.”

If Joshua continues on that level, the world of boxing could soon get a lot more exciting. 

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