Valorant: Developers confirm Fracture removed from competitive queue

Valorant Fracture Map

The developers of Valorant have confirmed that Fracture has been removed from the Competitive queue for a short period of time.

The H-shaped map was recently introduced to Episode 3 Act 2 as gamers were getting stuck in to the new environment that they found themselves in.

But like other maps, certain gamers were finding and exploiting Sova glitches where his Recon Bolt could be fired through walls in order to gather intel - and was demonstrated by Valorant influencers.

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Others even found a bug where the Spike is spawning underneath the map and this was brought to the attention of Riot promptly.

As a result, they have decided to take action that will be reassuring to those that are keen to play and enjoy Fracture, despite being recently added to Valorant.

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Valorant Fractured Removed

As a result of the above, Riot Games made the decision to remove Fracture from competitive listings, which was confirmed on the game's official Twitter account during the early hours of Thursday morning. 

The developers added that they are hoping the issues can be rectified and therefore re-introduced within the space of 24 hours.

Whether this will have any effect on the overall gaming experience on Fracture, remains to be seen, and it has been difficult to come up with an accurate assessment seeing as the map is so new.

Time will tell if Fracture will become a fan favourite, or simply swept under the carpet.

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