Chris Jericho reveals that Chris Hero was considered as a ‘Labour of Jericho’ in AEW

Chris Jericho talks the Labours of Jericho and Chris Hero

AEW star and former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho recently discussed the Labours of Jericho storyline that took place with MJF over the past few months.

The former AEW Champion had to endure four different matches against multiple opponents before he got a shot at the leader of The Pinnacle.

Names such as Nick Gage and Juventud Guerrera debuted in the company as part of the storyline. According to Jericho, Chris Hero was also considered a name to be brought into the company.

Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno is a former WWE NXT Superstar and a tenured veteran on the pro wrestling independent scene.

Hero is regarded as one of the best independent stars of the last decade, with standout performances for the likes of PWG, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling NOAH and PROGRESS.

Speaking to Stephanie Chase, Jericho revealed the thought process behind the talents who were brought in for the storyline.

"We thought the Nick Gage deathmatch would be cool. We were trying to think of another guy and one idea was Chris Hero. A couple of other names were thrown around. I thought Juventud Guerrera would be a good idea because he seemed to fit. It seemed like a good idea to have one guy from my past in there. I didn't want to make it a bunch of guys from my past. 'It's gotta be Lance Storm.' I just wanted Pinnacle to start and end, the deathmatch was a cool idea, and then someone from my past, and I thought Juventud was best for that. We worked on that for a few months, to get his visa and that. That was always the idea, those four guys. There was an idea to face maybe Hager or have Sammy come in, but I didn't like that idea. Why would they fight me? 'Well they have to or else we would quit.' We don't turn on each other. I thought it was the idea, 'Fine, go f*ck yourself, we're out.' That didn't work for me."

The current status of Chris Hero in terms of a return to pro wrestling is unknown. Hero was reportedly backstage at a recent Ring of Honor show working as a producer; however, there is no confirmation if he will be staying with the company going forward,

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