FIFA 22: Clip of Steve Bruce outrunning Newcastle players is so good its gone viral


The upcoming release of EA's latest FIFA instalment is all the rage at the moment.

From fans to players, the release of player ratings and potential FUT cards  for the game has garnered plenty of hype with many questioning whether or not the folks down at EA even watch football.

Of course, fans of certain dispositions will be disappointed to see some of their favourite stars slapped with a lesser rating than that of a a player from a rival club, but there are some ratings that truly don't make any sense.

Some players have been less than enthused with their cards as well, after finding out the ratings they have been given for the upcoming instalment.

While every FIFA release is massively scrutinised, gamers, casual fans and professional footballers alike always flock to purchase every new version released year on year.

You can expect that FIFA 22 will be no different as the 1 October release date rapidly approaches.


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In game clips have been doing the round on social media but today, one clip in particular has caught the fancy of fans.

The clip shows what looks to be the stock standard celebration for a team after winning a penalty shootout with Newcastle the team of choice for the player.

FIFA 22: Release Date, Cover, News, Career Mode, Gameplay, Cross Platform, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch And Everything You Need To Know

However, what really got fans giggling was the sight of none other than the Steve Bruce caricature outstripping the entire bench as he sprinted to join in the celebrations.

It truly makes for wild viewing and it is no wonder the clip has gone viral on Twitter - you can see it below.

Go on then, Brucey.

While it will probably similar for all managers pithing the game, the fact that it's Bruce striding out in front is reason why this clip has resonated with fans.

In reality, it would be difficult to even imagine Bruce opening up the gas taps and bounding out to join in a celebration, even after a crucial penalty shootout, but we will always have this FIFA clip to look back on now.

Credit: The Football Terrace

Back in the real world, Bruce's Newcastle side are preparing for a crucial clash with Watford as they look to secure what could prove to be a vital three points.

Who knows - maybe a late Alain Saint-Maximin winner could see Brucey have a go at replicating his characters' antics in the game.

What a sight that would be. 

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