Apex Legends Mobile: Frustration Increases Among Fans as Beta is Further Delayed

Apex Legends Mobile

Many players are wanting to get their hands on the beta of Apex Legends Mobile, but are becoming frustrated due to the fact that the beta has been further delayed.

Apex Legends has been a huge success, and due to this, many players want to try out the mobile version of the game as they believe it will be just as fun.

We know that due to being a mobile game, it won’t have the same graphics, but what it will have is some exclusive new features as well as some great cosmetics.

As we wait for the game to be released, we expect more information to be revealed around the new game.

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Apex Legends Mobile beta further delayed

The beta was due to be released over the last few days, with the latest it was meant to be coming out being Wednesday 22nd September 2021, however this has not happened.

Since this date, it has been revealed by a source named RoastSmith that the beta has been further delayed, with no release date in site. This news was then posted on social media as Apex Legends Mobile News and Updates tweeted about it. Frustration has grown massively after many fans of the game saw this news.

It is understandable for the gaming community to be angry, as this is not the first time that the beta has been delayed. We hope that the issues causing this delay are not ones which are huge.

We are not sure why this beta has been delayed, but it must be due to either the game not being finished yet, or massive bug fixes have been found.

There are a lot of popular franchises creating mobile games, like Battlefield and PUBG, so Apex Legends constantly changing the beta release date will not bode well for the developers if they want the game to be successful.

Hopefully the new release date for this beta will be revealed in the near future, and when it is, we will be sure to update this page with all the relevant information.

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