FIFA 22: How to Score With Overpowered Shots (Tips & Tricks)


FIFA 22 is already available for those with EA Access and we will provide you with all the tips around how to score in the game with the best tips and tricks.

Normally goalkeepers in the game are massively criticised, and this is due to the fact that they would not be the best when it came to making saves.

They made a lot of stupid mistakes and would cost players silly goals in the dying minutes of crucial games that they were in.

This seems to have changed in FIFA 22 as many players are praising the high standards of goalkeepers in the game, and this has now made it very hard to score.

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How to Score With Overpowered Shots (Tips & Tricks)

The FIFA community always tries to find out what the latest meta is in the game, and it looks like players will have to discover this sooner rather than later due to the fact that scoring is a lot more difficult in FIFA 22.

It seems like one-on-ones against the goalkeepers are a lot harder, so you have to take this into account.

Some of the best tips and tricks we currently have to tell you are:

  • Use a ball roll to get around the goalkeeper
  • Finesse shots from outside the box are really strong, they won’t always go in, but it is very likely you will get a goal from doing a finesse shot outside the box.
  • Skill is essential when scoring a goal in FIFA 22. From what we are seeing on social media, it looks like fluke goals are of the past, so don’t just go trying to score random worldies.
  • Low driven shots also seem to be a bit of a weakness from inside the box, so make sure you attempt a few of them for yourselves.
  • Tap ins, crosses, quick passes, and first time shots are what some FIFA players are saying is key to scoring in FIFA 22, so make sure you make this a part of your game.

Hopefully some of these tips help you out massively, as it seems like goalkeepers are finally a true reflection of goalkeepers in real life.

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