FIFA 22: Video of crazy glitch goes viral

FIFA 22 has already produced a crazy glitch

FIFA 22 is finally here.

While the game is officially released next week, EA Play subscribers are allowed to play the game for 10 hours until its release.

Like with every FIFA, there is optimism among fans that it will be the best game the franchise has offered for years.

However, every edition seems to have its problems shortly after release.

And it appears that the latest edition of the game isn’t exactly perfect with a fan’s video of a crazy glitch having gone viral.

Twitter user @dannywardbfc was playing career mode when a contender for the craziest glitch in FIFA history occurred.

Playing as Blackpool, Danny thought he had been given a penalty when the opposition goalkeeper was penalised for a foul in the box.



However, that’s not what happened. 

Instead, the referee gave a free-kick a yard out. The opposition wall was stood behind the goal while Luke Garbutt, the taker of the set-piece, also stood off the pitch.

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Danny paused the game, potentially in the hope that the game will sort itself out, but that didn’t work.

He took the set-piece and Garbutt produced somehow managed to smash the ball into the net – despite facing the wrong way – with a no-look finish.

To top all the madness off, the wall behind the goal actually jumped.

New game, same old FIFA.

The video is being shared extensively on social media and you can view some of the reaction below…


Among the people who have reacted to the video is Shamal George, the Colchester goalkeeper.

After being tagged in the clip, he admits his player had an ‘absolutely stinker.’


While you don’t want to pay so much money for a game with such bad glitches, at least baffling moments like this provide good entertainment.

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