Ryder Cup: Jordan Spieth's ridiculous shot almost sent him into Lake Michigan

Jordan Speith playing at the 2021 Ryder Cup

Such is the majesty of the Ryder Cup, fans will always be eager to pinpoint what could turn out to be iconic moments throughout the tournament. 

Indeed, with the world now firmly in golf mode, Jordan Spieth's ridiculous recovery shot on par-three 17th green at Whistling Strait has sent social media ablaze. Sadly for the American, however, it came in a losing cause. 

Balancing on a bank roughly 16-feet high, the 28-year-old showed a kind of poise us mere mortals can only dream about and, frankly, the fact his momentum after hitting the shot didn't drag him into Lake Michigan was equally as impressive. 

Digging the ball out of the rough on the upstroke, Spieth managed to get it flying through the air at pace before his shot landed like a feather only feet from the hole. 

While, of course, the fact it didn't lead to anything in the way of collective success will take away from its historical impact but - one day - we'll look back on Speith's effort as one of the most breathtaking in tournament history. 

"Such a great shot, but I still don’t see how he didn’t break an ankle after the shot running down the hill and avoiding the sand and whatever else was down there," said Michael Himmelman on Twitter. 

"It’s official, Spieth is the most entertaining golfer on the PGA tour," said Warren Newcorn. 

"This shot is so good it looks fake and I’ve watched it about 100 times today!" said Thomas Foolery. 

Unfortunately, playing partner Justin Thomas missed a birdie putt only the hole, allowing European duo Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia to claim a 3&1 win. 

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Of the shot (via Sky Sports), Spieth would say: "It's kind of one of those shots that you practise as a kid for fun, and you don't ultimately want to have it. And the chances of it going there, you could roll a thousand balls off the green, and it's not going it stay where it was.

"I hit like a 52-degree because a 60 might have gone over the back of my head, and you know, just tried to flick it right underneath and hit it as hard as I could, as high as I could. You know, it ended up right on a crown where it was a tough putt, and I think it's maybe a situation, first one in wins, and we just kind of got a really tough break there."

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