Ryder Cup: USA stars Justin Thomas and Daniel Berger down beers on the first tee


When it comes to drama, there is just nothing quite like the Ryder Cup.

The cross-continental showdown is the highlight of the golfing calendar in the alternate years it is hosted and, after three years away, the 2021 version took on added significance.

It's been three years since the European side stormed to glory in Paris with fans having to wait an extra year to see America's response due to the onset of the pandemic.

However, after far too long a wait, the magnificent Whistling Straits course on the shores of Lake Michigan welcomed a glut of the best golfers in the world.

The American team started like a house fire, hell bent on righting the Parisian wrongs as they blew away the Europeans on the opening day.

Europe simply couldn't get going as usual bankers like Ian Poulter and Rory McIlroy floundered under the graceful gaze of one of America's great lakes.


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USA smelt blood and took full advantage, carrying their momentum through to the second day as they looked to go for the jugular.

They would soon extend their 6-2 lead to 9-3 as they edged towards reclaiming the famous old trophy.

They were certainly in fine spirits in the break between sessions and it showed as Patrick Berger and Justin Thomas revved up the very patriotic home crowd.

The colosseum on the first tee in Michigan has not been shy to give the Europeans as difficult a time as they can but, with two of their big stars enjoying the atmosphere, they were having the time of their lives.

Things would get particularly festive, though, after some of the crowd launched a couple of beers onto the tee and the gathered hordes called for one thing.

Thomas and Berger were only too happy to oblige, cracking open the tins and necking them right there on the first tee.

Saturdays really are for the boys.

While the fans were lapping it up, you can't help but feel that it may have been a bit premature.

Yes, the Americans were miles ahead, but if the 'Miracle at Medina' taught us anything, it's that the Ryder Cup is never truly over until you really have those 14.5 points in the bag.

In fact, Berger and Thomas' antics might have stirred something in the European side, as they enjoyed a much better start to the afternoon session.

At the time of writing, it certainly seemed as though the Europeans were starting to rumble. Whether or not it is all too little too late, remains to be see.

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