Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk: Deontay Wilder's trainer comes to AJ's defence


Anthony Joshua’s second career defeat against Oleksandr Usyk on Saturday prompted a defensive statement from Deontay Wilder’s trainer.

What was supposed to be the gateway to the fight between Joshua and Tyson Fury turned out to be a night to forget for Joshua.

With a blow to Joshua’s right eye at the beginning, Usyk was able to keep the momentum in his corner.

While Joshua had the clear physical advantage, he was seen trailing in this fight.

Although at the halfway mark he did a comeback with few good blows, it became evident that only stoppage could have saved Joshua.

As it was witnessed when Joshua had to survive the ropes to maintain his ground in the final onslaught by Usyk right before the final bell rang.


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Joshua was rushed to the hospital for treatment of his right eye after the bout. While he was being treated at the hospital, many turned to condemn his performance against Usyk.

This prompted Malik Scott, trainer of Deontay Wilder to defend Joshua on Instagram.

“If anybody sends me a message calling Anthony Joshua a bum or talking derogatorily about him because he lost to a great fighter I’m blocking you immediately,” – said Scott.

His warning was accompanied by a hashtag ‘Fickle Humans’ and an emoji of a middle finger.


It is expected that Joshua will likely go for a rematch against Usyk, as a second bout is written in Their contracts. The English boxer did exactly the same when he lost his first bout to Ruiz Jr and went on to win the second one.

Meanwhile, Tyson Fury will be facing Wilder in their third bout on October 9. With the first two bouts ending in a draw and a victory for Fury.

Saturday’s fight was expected to be the prequel for the fight between Fury and Joshua, but now it has been seen to be doubted.

Yet, the Watford boxer sent out a defiant message stating he wanted to fight Fury or Wilder with or without the belts.


“The belts are fun, they’re great, it’s legacy. But with or without the belts, I’ll fight whoever”- said Joshua.

“That’s the main thing - that you’ve got two competitors in the ring from UK soil that just wants to go toe-to-toe.”

As of now the only question that stands is if the this highly anticipated fight between Joshua and Fury will happen or not. 

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