Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Do pros like the Fracture map?

Do pro Valorant players like the Fracture map?

The introduction of a new map to Valorant Competitive was always going to get opinions from fans and pros alike floating on social media but do the pro eSports players like the new Fracture map?

Riot Games recently confirmed that Fracture would be coming off of Competitive whilst they work on some tweaks to bugs. However, several pro players have already given their thoughts regarding the H-shaped map.

So, what does the Valorant pro player community think of Fracture?

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is considered one of the greatest FPS players on the scene today, and he has been extremely favourable regarding Fracture. He said: “This map is gonna be f**king wild in pro play. I think it’s a good map.

“It’s too hard to control the whole map, so you’ve got to take pieces of it. But then, when you take pieces of it, I don’t know what you do. You can’t take a piece of it and leave somebody because there’s too much ground to cover. 

“It’s going to be that way until everyone learns it, until everyone’s got the strats down, got the decent comps and stuff. Right now, it’s kind of confusing.”

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Valorant Fracture

Do Valorant pros like Fracture?

Wolf, a pro player for Revive Uprise, also stated that he really likes the concept of the map. He said: “Unpopular opinion….Fracture is a great map VALORANT.”

Of course, there are differing opinions on the new map, with a number of fans taking to social media to say that they absolutely detest it. One wrote: “Fracture is such a bad Valorant map, whoever at Riot came up with the idea deserves the death sentence.”

Granted, this is a ridiculous statement, but it gives an indication of what some of the player base feels about the new H-shaped concept.

Another fan demanded that Riot “delete Fracture from Valorant IMMEDIATELYYYYY,” whilst another emphatically stated that “If Fracture is still in competitive by next month I quit Valorant.”

It’s a pretty incredible reaction to the new map, which as noted has been taken out of the competitive queue until several bugs can be addressed.

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