Cristiano Ronaldo diet: Man Utd ace introduces his favourite dishes at Premier League club

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Cristiano Ronaldo has already made a huge impact at Manchester United.

While the Red Devils might still be reeling from the shock defeat to Aston Villa, there's no denying that Ronaldo has made his presence felt regardless with four goals in just four appearances.

It's remarkable to think that Ronaldo has been able to reacclimatise to Premier League football so seamlessly after more than a decade when you consider that he's now 36 years old.

Ronaldo's impact at Man Utd

However, one of the biggest reasons why Ronaldo is able to defy father time comes through his astonishing dedication to keeping himself in the best physical condition imaginable.

From rocking up for training at the crack of dawn to going for recovery swims in the early hours of the morning, we've all heard amazing stories of Ronaldo's commitment to his craft and body.

And that just happens to be another way in which Ronaldo has made his impact felt at Carrington because there are reports that the Portuguese has altered some of the club's nutritional tactics.

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Food options at Man Utd

The Sun claim that Ronaldo gave the United chefs a list of his favourite foods when asked, which has led to the inclusion of a traditional Portuguese stew called Bacalhau.

Comprised of salt cod and eggs, the meal is said to have topped Ronaldo's list of favourites and apparently went down just fine with his United teammates, unlike some of his other choices.

A United insider reportedly said of Ronaldo: “He also loves octopus, but most of the lads won’t go there - even if it clearly works for Ronny!


“Cristiano is very much into his proteins, stuff like slices of ham, eggs and avocados, and the chefs are trying to help him with a little taste of home.”

And it's apparently highly likely that Ronaldo will try to convert some of the other United players to his Portuguese-themed diet even if it might not be the type of dishes that they're used to.

The Old Trafford source continued: “Ronny may try to convert a few of the lads to Portuguese food, but if some hoped it was just Peri-Peri chicken from Nandos they were disappointed!”


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Impact on Man Utd players

The update on Ronaldo's culinary crusade comes just weeks after Lee Grant revealed that Ronaldo's decision to avoid United's Friday dessert had led to his teammates following suit.

The United shot-stopper told talkSPORT: "I'll give you one instance of the impact he's having on the group right. Friday night in the hotel as you'd be aware you finish your dinner and usually on a Friday night you've got a few cheat stuff out.

"You've got an apple crumble and custard or a brownie and cream, some dessert stuff.

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"I'll tell you now not one player touched the apple crumble and custard. Not one player went up for that brownie because everyone was sat down on our table for pre-match and straight away one of the players said to me, 'what's Cristiano got on his plate?'.

"Obviously it's the most clean, healthy plate you can imagine and it just cracked me up how not one single player dared get up and take that junk food on which was laid out."

One could say that Ronaldo is making a meal of things at United...



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