FIFA 22: How to Perform Four Touch Turn Skill (Easy Tutorial)


FIFA 22 has added quite a few new skill moves to the game and we have all the instructions on how to do the popular new four touch turn skill.

Those who love the game always try to know all the skill moves as soon as possible in order to score the most entertaining goals and this brings a lot of fun to FIFA.

The franchise needs FIFA 22 to be a step above former games due to the introduction of hypermotion technology.

Those who have played early access are now even more impatient for the game to be fully released, and this is a very good sign.

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How to do new four touch turn skill in FIFA 22

A reason that skill moves are so popular in FIFA is due to the fact that some can be overpowered and due to this, it makes it easier to get past opponents or score goals.

When a new FIFA game is released, players are still trying to work out the best ways to defend, so finding the best skill move quickly is even more important. It looks like many are seeing the four touch turn skill as the new meta.

There is not too much to learn from this skill, and we have all the instructions you need right here.

What is very important for you to know before you even attempt this skill is the fact that it is a four star skill so it can only be done by players who have four star skill moves or higher.

Here is what you need to do to perform this skill:

  • Hold L2/LT down and keep it held
  • Flick the right stick back twice

It is that simple and only takes these two steps, but it makes it very easy to turn and also get past defenders in the game, so make sure you use it as soon as possible.

No doubt more new skill moves will be discovered, but this one definitely stands out above the rest. From social media, it seems like a good way to score is to use this skill move to turn a defender outside the box and then do a finesse shot.

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