Apex Legends Mobile: Leaked New Game Mode Coming To Game

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in its beta version and a new game mode has been added for players to enjoy.

The battle royale game has been so popular since 2017 on PC and console, and due to this the developers decided to expand and create a mobile version of the game.

This game will not just be a complete copy of the original, but it will also have exclusive features, and one of these was recently revealed last week.

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The developers have been listening to the gaming community, but they have also frustrated many due to the fact that they keep on delaying the beta in many countries.

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New Footage shows new game mode in Apex Legends Mobile

Players love new footage surfacing on social media of new Apex Legends Mobile content, and due to the fact that this is not officially revealed, this is yet another leak to come out around the game.

This latest news has been revealed on Twitter by Apex Legends Mobile News and is over a minute and a half long.

The video showed that Team Deathmatch is the new game mode coming to Apex Legends Mobile and this is very new and also exclusive to the mobile version as this is not available on PC and console.

For those who want to see the video, which shows a lot of the map and some great action, have a look at the link down below.

The map would be recognisable for big players of the game, as you could see it was a point of interest from Kings Canyon.

What also surprised gamers was the fact that the graphics on the game look really good and also it looks like Apex Legends Mobile runs very smoothly.

This hopefully means that we should expect the game to be released at some point in early 2022.

Hopefully the fact that Team Deathmatch got added to the game means that a lot more game modes like this will be added as well, and this would make a lot more players want to give it a go.

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