Battlefield Mobile: Exciting Weapons And Gadgets (Leaked)

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile will be released in 2022, and a picture has surfaced revealing all the weapons and gadgets coming to the game.

There is a lot of excitement around this game due to the success of the Battlefield franchise as a whole. Due to this there is a lot of expectation for Battlefield Mobile to be a huge success.

Over the last month, we have seen a lot of information revealed, like some of the maps that will be in the game, as well as some of the attachments weapons will have.

This latest leak revealing some of the weapons and gadgets coming to Battlefield Mobile is probably the most important one yet, as the developers need to get the weapons right in order to make it an enjoyable game.

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Battlefield Mobile Weapons and Gadgets List

This latest leak revealing an abundance of weapons and gadgets coming to Apex Legends Mobile has surfaced on social media via Battlefield Mobile News.

The account emphasises that some data mining has revealed these weapons and gadgets, so these are quite likely to be in Battlefield Mobile.

Here are the list of weapons and gadgets revealed in the image:

Assault Rifle:

  • AUG A3
  • F2000
  • M16A4
  • QBZ-95-1
  • SCAR-H
  • G36C
  • MTAR-21


  • CZ-75
  • M1911
  • M9
  • P226

Light Machine Gun:

  • LSAT
  • MG4
  • PKP
  • QBB-95-1
  • U-100

Submachine Gun:

  • CZ-3A1
  • P90
  • PP20000
  • UMP45

Sniper Rifle:

  • 338 Recon
  • CS-LR4
  • Scout Elite
  • SKS
  • SR338


  • SPAS12


  • M9 Bayonet


  • Ammo Crate
  • AT Mine
  • C4
  • Claymore
  • Health Crate
  • Repair Drone
  • Spotting Drone
  • Spotting Drone
  • Ammo Pack
  • Health Pack


  • M84 Flashbang
  • MK2 Grenade


  • SMAW
  • FIM92A

To view the image, have a look at the link down below.

There are a lot of great weapons and gadgets coming to Battlefield Mobile, and players should be happy with this latest leak.

No doubt some weapons will be more powerful than others, and this will take some time for players to discover when the game is released.

The sheer amount of weapons is great news, and no doubt more will be added when the game is fully released.

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