WWE Extreme Rules: Alexa Bliss left distraught as Charlotte Flair destroys Lilly

Alexa Bliss Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair retained her Raw Women's Championship title last night on Extreme Rules after a tough match against Alexa Bliss.

The Queen was pushed to her limits by her competitor, who powered through the pain barrier to really give fans at the Nationwide Arena something to cheer for.

However, it wasn't just Flair's victory that had the crowd clamouring.

After trying several times, The Queen was eventually successful in pinning an exhausted looking Bliss through Natural Selection. But retaining her belt wasn't a sweet enough victory for Flair.

After kicking Bliss out of the ring, Flair made a beeline for Lilly and tore the doll apart in front of the crowd – almost replicating last week's episode of Monday Night Raw, when she also destroyed her tailor-made Charly doll.

The Queen exited the stage to boos from the crowd, who then cheered on Bliss as she cradled her fallen sidekick.

Bliss tried to gather up the remnants of Lilly as she sobbed inside the ring. Ever since she introduced her demonic doll to WWE earlier this year, the two have been inseparable.

Any wrestler who attempted to mock Lilly faced severe consequences. Most recently, Doudrop was spooked after looking into her eyes during an attempted sabotage at the orders of Eva Marie.

Alexa Bliss Charlotte Flair

But now, the twisted partnership is no more. Flair's recent anger over Bliss "playing with dolls" has resulted in the demise of Lilly and the complete breakdown of Bliss.

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Is this the end of the dark gimmick that fans have just started to enjoy? Or is The Queen in danger of facing the horrifying consequences of her actions?

You can watch the fallout to Extreme Rules on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night and on Friday Night SmackDown next week live over here in the UK on BT Sport.

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