Lewis Hamilton: F1 world champion boasts incredible £13m car collection


The name Lewis Hamilton often prompts similar ideas and thoughts with many of these being surrounded by his many successes in formula one and the motorsport industry. 

Hamilton is one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers to have ever lived and, as you’d expect, being a seven-time World Champion comes with substantial financial rewards

Hamilton is the highest paid British athlete, earning around £40 million per year. His staggering wealth has enabled him to own an equally unsurprising staggering collection of cars with these being:

Pagani Zonda 760 LH which cost him £1.6 million.

1996 Shelby 427 Cobra which is thought to be worth £4 million.

LaFerrari which can reach high speeds of 217mph and high prices of £1 million.

Mercedes - AMG Project One which isn’t even set to be released until next year. It is thought to be worth around £2 million and only 274 are to be released.

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Mercedes - AMG SLS Black which comes across as an ideal track car for him sitting at £230,000.

McLaren P1 standing at £2 million and having a 0-60 mph acceleration under 2.7 seconds.

Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 from 1967 at auction It can reach £750,000 but its not exactly known how much Hamilton would’ve paid for it, but considering he gas A lot of money to spend i’m sure its one in prime condition.

On top of these elegant, luxury supercars he’s also purchased a Mercedes Maybach 6 in 2012 to go with his Maybach S600 which is expertly suited to be a chauffeurs car; together these cars are both worth £800,000.

His car collection also stretches to motorbikes where he owns a Honda CRF450RX motocross bike which is around £6,500. The list really doesn’t stop there, though.


He also has a Maverick X3 dune buggy which costs in the region of £20,000. That may be the end of the list so far but i’m sure that his £13 million pound collection will grow even more.

It's clear Hamilton has an extensive taste but it’s somethings he’s earns through his career achievements, his expensive tastes don’t just stick to automobiles either his property portfolio and watch collection is also staggering.

To finish things off if you were to choose, which one of Hamiltons cars would you have and what car would you suggest he should add to his collection?

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