Battlefield Mobile: Video Reveals Gameplay Including the Destruction Of Buildings

Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is on its way and new gameplay footage has surfaced showing the destruction of buildings in the game.

Over the last few weeks, we have started to see some gameplay of the game revealed, and this should hopefully mean that the game is close to being fully released in early 2022.

The franchise has created many games on both console and PC, but now the developers want to compete in the mobile gaming world, and with their popularity, this should be quite easy.

There will be a lot from the franchise in the game, but there will also be a lot of new and exclusive features, just for players who get the mobile game.

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Gameplay shows destruction of buildings in Battlefield Mobile

Battlefield games are known for having huge multiplayer battles in big cities, and what separates this game from some of the other action games is the fact that the warfare can destroy the buildings around you.

When the buildings fall or collapse, you can actually take damage if you are nearby, and this is a great element and feature to have in the game.

Obviously this is a lot harder to do in a mobile game, but by the footage revealed on social media, we can see that the developers have managed to do a great job in Battlefield Mobile.

This gameplay was posted on Twitter by Battlefield Mobile News and for those interested, you can see over two minutes of gameplay footage. To view the video, have a look at the link down below.

The video shows the players POV and shows a tank going around the map, taking down many buildings in its path with powerful missiles. It seems like there will be some charge time when firing missiles of a tank and this is a good idea to make sure they are not too overpowered.

It is great to see that just because the franchise is turning to a mobile game, it isn’t looking to find any shortcuts around the gameplay and the developers will be giving players the full Battlefield experience. No doubt it will be a great game which many will be wanting to get their hands on as soon as it is released.

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