FIFA 22: Does HyperMotion Make a Difference to Gameplay?

Here's what to know about FIFA 22 HyperMotion

One of the big new features of FIFA 22 that EA had begun hyping very early was the new HyperMotion technology.

The response thus far to the new game online has been mixed, depending on whether or not players enjoy the slower pace of the new iteration.

One Redditor would question whether the new HyperMotion technology, which is part of the next-gen version of the title, is really making that much of a difference to gameplay. They said: “After having played both PS4 and PS5 versions and then watching side by side comparisons? I have yet to see a noticeable difference.

“Animations are almost identical, it's as if this ‘HyperMotion’ tech simply means a slower game speed. I honestly can't tell the difference.

“I'm just curious to hear other people's opinions, as I have one of many different outlooks on the new tech added to the game.”

Another Redditor would echo those sentiments, saying “No difference at all for me between PS5 and PS4 version. I think it’s just a buzzword since they didn’t change the engine. They needed something cool to say.”

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Here's what to know about FIFA 22 HyperMotion

Does HyperMotion make a difference to gameplay?

EA certainly believes that new technology makes a huge difference in the experience of gameplay for players.

The original marketing stated that: “HyperMotion integrates advanced full-team mocap data and machine learning to heighten gameplay in every match in FIFA 22, delivering the most realistic and fluid gameplay experience we’ve ever built.”

There are clearly changes to the game that have been made by EA for the next generation of consoles, but it appears to be down to player preference and the level of change they were expecting, as well as coming down to plain old opinion.

The idea of FIFA games not having enough of a change to warrant the cost of a new retail release isn’t a new concept and has been thrown around by players ever since the days of the Playstation 1.

With the rumours of FIFA 23 going free-to-play, there may be a completely new approach to the series going forward that might see some changes for the better.

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