George Russell: Max Verstappen praises Williams driver but suggests car deserves more credit


Red Bull star Max Verstappen has praised George Russell for recent performances but suggested that his Williams car perhaps deserves more credit for its role in his displays than it gets.

Russell is heading to Mercedes for next season in Formula 1 and it looks as though he's going to be going there on a real high after what's been an overall fine season so far for him in the Williams.

Indeed, many have suggested that he has regularly outperformed the equipment he has got, especially in recent weeks earning a P3 in Russia and a P2 in Belgium in both qualifying sessions, with him also now regularly scoring points.

Certainly, it's been impressive work from the Briton and Max has praised his displays, too, but also suggested that the car underneath Russell is not as bad as many might think in certain situations.

The Dutchman explained:

“George for sure he’s a very, very good driver.

“But when you can do these kinds of things, it also shows that the car isn’t that bad as people think.


“He’s scored points and had good qualifyings, and for sure, in Spa, that car is not a Red Bull or a Mercedes, but they also ran more wing and more downforce. So naturally, everything just starts to become a bit closer.

“Nevertheless, he still did an amazing job, but I think people have to understand that that car isn’t as bad as people think it is.”

Russell, of course, will be looking to duel with Verstappen and new teammate Lewis Hamilton next season for race victories and even the championship, so it's interesting to hear now what Max thinks about the Briton's talents.


Certainly, the Williams car has improved from previous seasons but George is still really driving the wheels off of it, and that deserves immense acclaim.

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