WWE Raw: Shayna Baszler makes huge statement with brutal attack on Eva Marie

Shayna Baszler Eva Marie

It looks like Shayna Baszler is done with walking in the shadows on Monday Night Raw. 

Since separating from her WWE tag teammate Nia Jax, The Queen of Spades has returned to her rough and ready image and looks like she is out with a vengeance to win a title before the year is up.

Last night on the red brand, Baszler sent a message to all of her fellow wrestlers.

After Doudrop accepted Charlotte Flair's open Raw Women's Championship title match invitation, the Scot's former ally turned nemesis Eva Marie crashed her big moment and caused distraction long enough for Flair to secure the pin.

Marie then started a speech on how she wouldn't squander an opportunity like Doudrop had – claiming had it been her up against The Queen, she would be standing in the ring as the red brand champion.

"Honestly, I am tired of being taken advantage of," the Eva-Lution leader said to the clamouring crowd. "And the disrespect, especially from all of you. I could beat any one of those women in that locker room and they all know it, just like you."

As she was about to make her exit to the loud volume of boos from around the arena, Baszler's music hit and The Queen of Spades marched straight into the ring.

Before Marie could escape, Baszler dragged her into the middle of the canvas and choked her out cold, despite her attempts to tap out.

Shayna Baszler Eva Marie

But the former Women's Tag Team Champion wasn't finished there. Baszler pulled a helpless Marie to the apron where she continued her brutal attack, before lodging her arm against the steel steps and stamping on it with a painful finisher.

Referees rushed to Marie who was screaming out in pain while the crowd chanted 'One more time' to a satisfied looking Baszler. 

This beatdown on Marie comes after The Queen of Spades performed an almost identical Clutch finish on former friend and ally Nia Jax last week. 

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Baszler has reverted to her lone wolf status, completely ending her partnership with The Irresistible Force. Could now be the time for her to win her first ever WWE singles title? 

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