Valorant Episode 3 Act 2: Why Did Jett Get Nerfed?

Here's why Riot Games nerfed Jett in Valorant

Fans of Valorant have been asking for Jett to be nerfed for some time, however the recent changes to the Agent have been extremely controversial.

The overwhelming feeling from the player base was that although Riot did implement some changes for the popular Agent, they were the wrong changes and affect the meta negatively.

Riot Games have now officially confirmed why they decided to make these changes to the Agent as part of the latest State of The Agents blog post.

Here are the changes that Riot confirmed as part of Patch 3.06 for Jett:

Cloudburst Charges reduced 3 >>> 2

  • Our feeling here is that Jett has one too many smokes, and it’s contributed to a sense that she could get away with using them at any time, have more to spare, or spam them without much thought.
  • The reduced charges for her smoke should hopefully make the choice on whether to smoke a choke point, smoke a path for a dash, or make a one-way, a more tactical one.

Bladestorm Right-click/Alternate Fire kills no longer recharge Jett’s kunai

  • By removing the recharge, we hope Jett mains will optimize for the single kunai kills in order to keep the Bladestorm going and really play into the high precision fantasy Jett is all about.
  • We want to incentivize the high skill primary fire kills while still allowing the low-risk-low-reward burst fire option.

Bladestorm Right-click/Alt.

  • Fire damage changes are reverted, damage and multipliers will mirror the left-click
  • We’ve seen Jett’s right-click be very unpredictable and feel that it’s confusing to have different damage rules than the left-click. This change should unify how both modes of fire work and provide a little more predictability if Jett decides to go for the single kill as opposed to chaining.

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Here's why Riot Games nerfed Jett in Valorant

Why was Jett nerfed in Valorant?

John Goscicki, Character Producer for Valorant at Riot, confirmed why the development team decided to make these changes. He said: “At pro play/different MMR ranges we’re seeing patterns of play that fall far outside the space we carved for her as a Duelist.

“Our goal with Jett is an Agent that is used to capitalize on high mechanical skill outputs via precise gameplay. Currently though, we’re seeing the Bladestorm right-click/alt-fire having an outsized effect on rounds without the need for pinpoint execution, for which it should require.

“As we also mentioned in the [patch] notes, the number of Cloudburst smokes she had was making it easier than intended to bail out of risky situations. Reducing the number of smokes is intended to force Jett to use each smoke sparingly, with more calculation in mind.

“Ultimately, we believe this change should sharpen her identity. We know for some this is a welcome change, and for others may cause pain—once these changes go out we will keep an eye on them to see if follow up adjustments are needed.

“We know there are many angles to consider around Jett, and her current state; once these changes go out we will keep a close eye on her, and evaluate if any additional adjustments are needed.”

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