FIFA 22 glitch: How to score from every goal kick you take


Glitches are already being found in FIFA 22 even before the game has officially been released, making it much easier for players to score from their own goal kicks.

YouTuber JCC has discovered a glitch in the newest addition to the FIFA franchise that allows goalkeepers to spray a totally unrealistic 100-yard goal kick to a striker waiting to receive the ball at the other end of the pitch.

As evidenced in his video further down this article, JCC shows players that if you can line up the wonder-pass accurately enough, you can bypass having to play the ball through the midfield and score pretty much every time you have a goal kick.

With your attackers sneaking behind the defence to collect the pass that looks to appear from out of the sky, players can either take a shot or fizz a cross through the six-yard box to one of their arriving teammates.

JCC shows off several ways players can capitalise off the wonder-pass glitch, with such a fault able to cause havoc in FIFA’s online season modes and ranked Ultimate Team matches.

One of the updates to this year’s instalment of FIFA is a revamp into goalkeeper mechanics, with EA looking to make the game’s keeper mechanics much more realistic.

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FIFA 22’s official website reads: “A brand new goalkeeper system brings a new level of intelligence to the last line of defence, unlocking more reliable shot-stopping and smarter decision-making between the posts.

“Goalkeeper positioning personality replicates the different styles of keepers throughout the game – to represent the lightning-fast reflexes of world-class shot-stoppers.”

But in their endeavours for realism, it seems the addition of 100-yard goal kicks was not what EA had planned, and it’s highly likely the developer will look to patch these teething issues before the game’s release this Friday, October 1.

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