Valorant: Developers Apologise for Lack of Yoru Buffs

Riot Games address Yoru not getting buffed

Valorant fans have been requesting that Yoru gets changes and buffs pretty much for the entirety of the Agent’s existence, and they still haven’t been implemented.

Riot Games staff have taken to Reddit over the past few months to give piecemeal reasons as to why the Agent hasn’t had significant changes, noting that it would potentially affect the meta negatively.

Any changes to Agents need to be carefully considered; however, with the length of time it is taking to get these sorted for Yoru, Riot has decided to publicly apologise to fans.

Coleman ‘Altombre’ Palm, a developer at Riot, responded to a fan earlier this month on Reddit saying that there are changes that the team wants to make to the Agent, but the resource isn’t currently there to do so.

“We have changes we want to make, we just need resources from other teams to make them happen.

“When balance changes are just numbers tweaks, we can take it on ourselves – when we have to involve other disciplines (animation, VFX, etc. etc.) it takes time to incorporate it into their already-busy schedule.

“It’s a bummer for us, too, but we absolutely have changes. We just can’t commit to a date that they’ll actually ship quite yet.”

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Why hasn’t Yoru been buffed in Valorant?

John Goscicki, Character Producer for Valorant at Riot wrote what the issues have been with implementing the changes for Yoru and apologised to fans in the latest State of The Agents blog post.

He said: “We know what we want to do on the design front with Yoru, and we’re in the middle of gathering additional resources needed to support these changes.

“I know, not the most exciting update, but we wanted to let you know that Yoru isn’t collecting dust in the shop somewhere. Apologies to our Yoru mains, we really appreciate your patience on the delay here.”

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