Black Ops Cold War Season 6: Official Zombies Map (Confirmed)

Black Ops Cold War Season 6

Black Ops Cold War Season 6 is on its way in early October and the new Zombies map coming to the game has been confirmed on social media.

Call of Duty has been teasing the Zombies content coming to the season for a while now, and it has many in the gaming community excited for the new map.

There have been images of the map revealed, as well as teasers around the name and we are happy to see them finally reveal the name.

The new season will not just bring new content to Zombies, but to all game modes in Black Ops Cold War.

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Black Ops Cold War Season 6 Zombies Map

The teasers have been building for a while now and Black Ops Cold War bringing us some actual confirmation of Zombies content was due to come.

The name of the map is huge news, and many Zombies fans will decide whether this new map will join some of the classics or be easily forgotten.

The name was revealed on social media as developers Treyarch revealed that it will be called Forsaken. This map will be available to play once the new season goes live on Thursday 7th October 2021.

This is the last season for Black Ops Cold War before Call of Duty Vanguard is released on Friday 5th November 2021, and therefore this will be the dramatic finale for Zombies, where we will see what happens to the characters we play as.

Treyarch revealed in their blog that this will be providing the shocking conclusion of the Dark Aether story that has hooked the gaming community throughout the game.

This is very exciting news for players, and hopefully, due to it being the conclusion of the Zombies story, we should get our best Zombies map in Black Ops Cold War.

No doubt there will be a huge boss to defeat, an Easter Egg to complete, and also new weapons for gamers to play with.

Treyarch will hopefully reveal some gameplay of the game mode and the new map in the next week as they look to promote the new season.

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