God of War Ragnorak: Recent Delay Of Sequel Explained

God of War Ragnarok is expected to be released by 2022

God of War Ragnarok is easily one of the most eagerly anticipated games pencilled in for 2022.

The hugely successful action-adventure series will continue to focus on the day-to-day life of Kratos, the iconic protagonist who has become a gaming icon ever since the launch of the first title back in 2005 for the PlayStation 2.

Back in June, Santa Monica Studios, the game’s developers, confirmed that Ragnarok had been pushed back until next year but added that the game will be available for PS4 as well – giving them extra time to refine their product for the last-gen platform.

It was believed that it was just developmental reasons why the game was postponed and that Santa Monica had possibly discovered glitches of bugs.

However, that turns out not to be the case as the true underlying reason that Ragnarok was pushed back has now surfaced.

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God of War Ragnarok Actor Responsible For Delay

Kratos in God of War Ragnarok

Christopher Judge, the voice actor who plays Kratos in GoW, admitted on Twitter that he was the reason behind Ragnarok being delayed.

He went into detail with an extensive thread explaining exactly what happened and what the severity of his injuries were at the time that prevented him from participating in the role.

He said: 

“I need to be forthcoming. This has been approved by no one,” Judge said. “To the beloved fandom, Ragnarok was delayed because of me.August 2019, I couldn’t walk. Had to have back surgery, both hips replaced, and, knee surgery. They waited for me to rehab. No threats, no ‘who do you think you are?’ Nothing but love and support. And Sony Santa Monica has never said a word about the delay, and what caused it. Studios are assholes, but this company from top to bottom, should give us hope.”

Judge went on to add that the crew at Santa Monica was incredibly supportive of him and can’t comprehend how passionate the crew are about the God of War series as a whole. 

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