Lewis Hamilton v Max Verstappen: Damon Hill says Dutchman has luck on his side in title fight


1996 Formula 1 world champion Damon Hill has said that Max Verstappen is currently getting the fortune on his side in the championship battle with Lewis Hamilton.

This season's title fight has swung to and fro between the two drivers, with them going hammer and tongs at one another since the very first race back in Bahrain in March.

Certainly, it's been an enthralling campaign and momentum and fortune have swung between the pair, with us now just seven races from the final chequered flag and in a situation where the duo are separated by just two points in the standings.

For Hill, meanwhile, luck is currently on the Red Bull man's side, with him telling the F1 Nation podcast:

"Then you understand why people used to believe that the gods took a side in battle, because in the last few races he's definitely been lucky.

"Monza was obviously controversial, but the result was that a race went by without him losing points to Lewis. This weekend he should have lost a lot of points, but he didn't.


"In Silverstone it was Hamilton who got lucky, but over the whole season Max seems to have luck more on his side than Lewis."

Max fans may also point to the fact that Verstappen crashed out of the lead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix with a puncture through no fault of his own as another case of bad luck, though fortune favoured him minutes later when Lewis Hamilton threw away the lead himself at the restart.


Certainly, there are points dotted throughout the season where one man or the other has had fortune and it will surely even itself out over the course of a 22-race campaign.

Whoever takes this year's crown, then, will deserve it fully.

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