FIFA 22: Graphics on PlayStation 4 look better than graphics on PS5 for new game


Yesterday marked the release of yet another FIFA game, which will take over our lives again for the coming months.

Now over the years, new consoles, HD televisions and 4k pictures have significantly improved a game like FIFA.

For example, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi actually look like themselves rather than your average Argentine or Portuguese lad.

However, due to players being allowed early access through pre order and EA play, PS5 players have been complaining due to the lighting and texture of the game, whereas it actually looks a lot better on the PS4 console.

Photos shows how the landscape blurs and darkens when a player is just about to strike the ball from a free-kick. Whilst some believe this was deliberate, others think the makers of the game have had a shocker.

One player commented “Thought my TV was bugging out for a second,” whilst commenting on Reddit.

“The blurry effect feels intentional,” another argued. “Like it’s supposed to make the situation feel more intense.


“Given their track record, I wouldn’t put such an obvious bug past them, if it’s not intentional, but I kinda like it.”

“I found that the grass on the pitch is extremely washed out,” a fellow gamer remarked. “Almost like some texture is missing. Comparing it to the PS4 version, where it looks much nicer in detail and texture. This has to be an obvious bug/mistake.”

Even before a ball is kicked, a pan shot of the stadium looks more cartoonish than it does in real life.

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Although EA are known for their dodgy servers and inconsistency with game content and features, it is expected at the start of a launch.

Especially when it has a high caliber like FIFA.

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