FIFA 22 on PS5 & PS4: Video compares graphics on both consoles


Since its release on Friday, the latest FIFA game has been the talk of the town.

Sadly, however, not for the right reasons.

The new edition came under heavy scrutiny for providing a better gaming experience on PlayStation 4 rather than on PlayStation 5.

Recently, videos have surfaced showing the differences of the same game but on different consoles. The most notable one being the presence of 'next-gen' technology on PlayStation 5, but not on PlayStation 4.

The 'next-gen' technology was introduced to enhance the appearance of the players, giving the game a realistic look, but fans and players of the game believe they have failed miserably.

From the top, the technology has made a mess of the players' hair. It seemed to be too soft and floating randomly. One player commented: "The difference in both consoles is that the hair bounces now in PlayStation 5."

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The facial and other physical attributes of some players were also not matching to their profiles. One such player was the Croatian ace midfielder Luka Modric.

The 'next-gen' technology also added a large amount of contrast and saturation to the graphics, which ended up giving a negative effect to the grass of the pitch.

One gamer wrote: "I found that the grass on the pitch is extremely washed out. Almost like some texture is missing. Comparing it to the PS4 version, where it looks much nicer in detail and texture. This has to be an obvious bug/mistake."

Since the PlayStation 4 does not come with this feature, the game on this console seemed to give a much better experience than its successors.



Aspects like better ball control, better grass texture and a bigger pitch were also noticed in the PlayStation 4 version.

The only strong competitor of FIFA, PES (now known as eFootball) has recently gained popularity for working on the physical appearance and the overall game experience, although their latest release has gone down terribly, with it being voted as the worst game in Steam's entire history.

This had, however, led to many fans questioning if the parent company of FIFA (EA Sports) will ever make any changes to help them give its players a better gaming experience.

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