Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal: What is the Premier League's most popular club?


The Premier League is home to 20 incredibly passionate fanbases.

While not every club in England’s top-flight can either attract or accommodate 50,000 supporters on a weekly basis, make no mistake that each team is still backed with incredible fervour and gusto.

Whether that’s West Ham United fans blowing bubbles or Liverpool supporters belting out ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, each fanbase has its own way of showing their passion and dedication.

Premier League popularity

However, even the most diehard of fans will surely admit that they have more of a soft spot for certain clubs that they don’t support more than others. Go on, be honest, we know that you do.

We’re not pointing the finger at ultra-modern football fans who support about 15 clubs, but rather the phenomena that supporters secretly lean towards certain sides when they’re watching as neutrals.

It’s the fascinating question of asking who you’d pick out of, say, Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur if the result of the game had absolutely no bearing at all on the team you love dearest.

Brighton vs Arsenal Reaction Show (Football Terrace)

Soft spots for rival clubs

And while that might prove tricky to answer, don’t sweat it too much because Transfermarkt have done the legwork for you by calculating which clubs in the Premier League are most popular.

That’s because the football statisticians have a tool on their website where fans are asked to choose who they would prefer to win out of randomly generated Premier League fixtures.

Over time, the preferences of thousands and thousands of Premier League fans come to the fore with certain clubs emerging as more people’s secret darlings than others – and naturally, vice verse.

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Most popular Premier League clubs

Intrigued, aren’t you? Well, fear not because we’ve compiled the Transfermarkt popularity rankings at the time of writing to show you which of the clubs are most loved and hated by fans – check it out:

20. Burnley – 32%

19. Manchester City – 37%

18. Norwich City – 37%

17. Watford – 39%

16. Brighton & Hove Albion – 40%

15. Crystal Palace – 43%


14. Chelsea – 46%

13. Brentford – 46%

12. Aston Villa – 47%

11. Newcastle United – 47%

10. Manchester United – 52%


9. West Ham United – 54%

8. Everton – 54%

7. Southampton – 54%

6. Tottenham Hotspur – 56%

5. Leeds United – 56%


4. Wolverhampton Wanderers – 57%

3. Arsenal – 58%

2. Leicester City – 61%

1. Liverpool – 67%


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Liverpool win the popularity contest

So, there you have it, whether it’s the passionate atmosphere of the Kop, Jurgen Klopp’s heavy-metal football or the iconography of Anfield, it looks as though Liverpool are the most popular club.

And it feels natural that Leicester are nipping at their heels because the Foxes captured the hearts of the nation when they won the Premier League title in fairytale style during the 2015/16 season.

Arsenal‘s similarly lofty position might have something to do with their free-flowing football under Arsene Wenger, while fans also seem to have a soft spot for Wolves, Leeds and Southampton.


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Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, Sean Dyche’s style of football clearly isn’t popular at Burnley and perhaps City and Chelsea‘s heavy spending might explain their bottom-half finishes.

However, regardless of the rhyme and reason behind the selections, the Premier League is all the more entertaining and lively for neutral fans having their secret crushes and pantomime villains.



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