Khabib Nurmagomedov’s brilliant response to Sir Alex Ferguson offering him wine


UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov was amongst the special guests at Old Trafford yesterday to watch Manchester United‘s Premier League clash with Everton.

The former lightweight champion was no doubt looking forward to seeing close friend Cristiano Ronaldo in action for his new club. However, he had to make do with a bench appearance, as CR7 was on the pitch for just 33 minutes of the cagey 1-1 draw.

Khabib didn’t let that ruin his day, though, as he posed for a picture of himself holding up a United shirt with his name and the number seven on the back.

The Eagle also rubbed shoulders with some celebrities and United greats behind the scenes, including Usain Bolt, Patrice Evra and Sir Alex Ferguson.

Speaking to BBC journalist Shamoon Hafez about his exchange with the former United boss, Khabib revealed that the managerial maestro had offered him a drink.

“He asked me if I wanted a glass of wine,” Khabib said. “I’m thinking, how I explain to him I’m a Muslim? So I said, drinking is not good for me because if I do then I will smash all of you guys up. He replied, ‘OK, best if you don’t drink’.”

Khabib also recalled the meeting at a speaking engagement yesterday evening, saying: “Alex Ferguson asked me about wine. For him it’s good, you know. I don’t judge him, you know. But how I have to explain him there is two things. You can be straight and say ‘no, no, no, I am Muslim, I never drink. But other thing I told him: ‘this is not good because if I drink I can smash all of you guys up’. This is not good idea for me.”

During his time at Old Trafford, the 33-year-old also caught up with his pal Ronaldo, as well as United midfielder Paul Pogba.

According to Sportskeeda, he said of the meeting: “We spoke a little and we discussed today’s match, but they told me they’re going to be on the bench! With Paul being a World Cup winner and Cristiano a European Championship winner, they have won a lot of titles. Ronaldo, especially, has won a lot of Champions Leagues and it was interesting for me to talk to them and compare things with them.”


The Russian is known to be a big football fan and even joked about turning pro on Twitter back in January.