Khabib Nurmagomedov had ice-cold reaction to fan invading the stage


Former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov was rushed on stage by a spectator during a recent speaking event, but in the process of it all happening, the Russian didn’t even flinch despite the man quickly advancing towards the fighter.

Khabib, who announced his retirement from the UFC after beating Justin Gaethje back at UFC 254 in October 2020, was speaking at the Spread Kindness Together conference when the incident happened.

In a video posted on Twitter today by @AlexBehunin, Khabib was thanking the crowd for attending the talk when the fan pushed through security and advanced towards the Russian on stage.

Holding what appears to be a camera in his left hand, the spectator seems to approach the fighter asking for a photo, before being escorted off-stage by Khabib’s entourage.

Khabib, who is considered one of the toughest men in UFC history, boasting an impressive 29-0 fight record, was largely unfazed by the man’s sharp advances and said to the spectator: “No, no, no. No brother. Brother, don’t do this.”

He then calmly continued what was a classy address to the crowd, saying: “I come from [the] other part of [the] world to see you guys, and you know I think I deserve some respect too.

“Thank you so much for coming I feel like around the world [there is] big, big support from my people who have the same views as I have, and I really believe here, everybody we all have same views.

“And please take care of your kids this is our future.”

The Russian fighter has been enjoying his time away from the Octagon and was seen this weekend at Old Trafford chatting to former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, while also being photographed at Anfield watching Liverpool draw 2-2 to Manchester City.

The former lightweight champion is a big football fan and was recently rumoured to be in talks with Russian football club FC Legion Dynamo about securing a contract to play for the third division side, but has admitted he has not yet signed any contract to play for the club.

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