WWE pays Goldberg significantly more for matches in Saudi Arabia compared to in the US

Goldberg WWE

Goldberg will want all of his WWE matches to be in Saudi Arabia, as reports have indicated that he is paid significantly more money for his bouts in the country.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Goldberg is paid much more for his matches that take place in Saudi Arabia, compared to those that take place in the US.

This is not a deal that most of the WWE roster possess, with almost all of the rest of the roster being paid the same amount, irrespective of where their matches take place and if they’re on the show.

“The other match that is going to be there is Lashley and Bill Goldberg, because that one won’t be put on TV, because Goldberg does have a specific deal with the Saudi shows that is very lucrative and if you were gonna pull his match to put it on TV he wouldn’t be happy at all. That’s millions of dollars of difference. It’s not like all the other guys who are going to get paid the same whether they’re on the show or not.”

The Saudi Arabia shows reportedly generation a lot more money for WWE that most all events, so it’s not too surprising to hear that the company is offer certain talent a lot to wrestle on the shows.

Goldberg is slated to be on Monday Night Raw tonight, with the appearance likely setting up another match between the WWE Hall of Famer and Bobby Lashley.

While unconfirmed, it’s widely expected that Goldberg and Bobby Lashley will go one-on-one for the second time in 2021 on October 21 at Crown Jewel.

You can watch tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw live over here in the UK on BT Sport.

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