FIFA 22: Spectacular foul and one-yard free kick glitch goes viral


With every highly anticipated video game’s release comes the inevitable criticism of its glitches and flaws.

In fact, only last week, Konami’s free-to-play eFootball received so much bad publicity surrounding its release, the company was forced to make a statement to fans apologising for the poor gameplay and face scans.

And EA are no strangers to the bad reception.

Following the release of FIFA 22 last Friday, fans have already taken to social media to showcase the comical glitches in the game – and it’s enough to leave you with a broken controller.

One gamer shared a clip to Twitter showing a tense finale to his Ultimate Team match; his team were one behind in the dying minutes of the game, and were just through on goal in hope to clutch that last minute equaliser.

In the 88th minute, the referee’s whistle blew due to a believed infringement on the goalkeeper’s line, resulting in a penalty for the losing team.


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The penalty was a bit harsh on the opposition, but not as harsh and what he was about to witness.

As Morientes stepped up to take the spot-kick (which wasn’t even taken from the spot and instead about one yard from the net), he was spoilt for choice on where to place it, as the goalkeeper was nowhere to be seen on his line.

That was until he randomly appeared behind Morientes – stood anxiously waiting for him to take it.

As expected, the Spaniard smashed the ball into the empty net and made the game 3-3 in the 87th minute.

The clip has fans with mixed reactions and currently has over 25 thousand likes – not the best publicity for EA.

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Whereas some gamers find the gameplay laughable, others are aggravated at the amount of glitches despite only being released last week, as well as taking a year to develop.

On Metacritic, where fans are able to leave honest reviews of the content they play, FIFA is sitting at a disappointing score of just 2.6 after its opening weekend.

This is based on 112 user reviews, leaving the yearly instalment with a measly grade of ‘E’.

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