Conor McGregor leaks official UFC receipt from Dustin Poirier UFC 257 fight


Conor McGregor has revealed the staggering number of pay-per-view buys garnered for his bout vs. Dustin Poirier at UFC 257.

After taking a short break from the Octagon, he returned in January 2021 to rematch the American on ‘Fight Island’ in Abu Dhabi.

The Irishman is known for generating views for the UFC, with all of his fights reaching record breaking PPV numbers, and this one was no different to the rest.

An image shared to his Twitter account details the “PPV BUY SUMMARY FOR CONOR MCGREGOR”, showing the exact amount as 1,504,737 buys. 

Fellow MMA fighter Cody Durden replied to the tweet saying:

“Grossed the company right over 100 million in one night.” to which McGregor added “A multitude of times, leading to a $4.2bn dollar acquisition of the company in 2016.


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“Then I went a multitude more, perching the company up to an almost $11bn valuation, where it sits now in today’s market. Incredible!”

The number even excelled the projected buys of the fight, which was set at around 1,500,238.

The rematch sits at second place on the list of the highest buyrate for UFC events and unsurprisingly, McGregor is a leading name on the list.

In first place, as many fans of the sport would’ve expected, is the unforgettable UFC 229 event with Khabib vs. McGregor as the main card, which generated 2.4million PPV buys.

‘The Notorious’ also takes third and fourth place, with his fights vs. Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone reaching an enormous 1.3mn buys.

Despite being seen as a controversial character in the sport, MMA fans can’t deny the global attention McGregor brings to the UFC; he was the first fighter to ever hold two belts in two separate divisions simultaneously – a remarkable achievement in his career history.

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