Valorant: How do you unlock all of the Agents?

Valorant Agents How to Unlock

Valorant is one of the fastest-growing FPS and eSports titles in the world, but how do you unlock all of the playable Agents?

Currently, the game has more than 15 different Agents available, with more being available via the release of every new Act.

Here is everything you need to know about unlocking Agents in Valorant.

Players get the option of choosing any two Agents for free when they first play the game, one after completing level 5 and the other at level 10.

The remaining Agents in the FPS are available via Free and Paid means, with different ways of getting them in-game.

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Valorant Agents How to Unlock

How To Unlock Agents in Valorant

Here is a step by step guide on how to unlock Agents in Valorant:

Free Method

  • Launch Valorant and click on the Agents section, which is adjacent to the ‘play’ icon
  • Select any Agent of your choice to unlock, then click the activate button to start the contract
  • Complete the contract with that Agent by grinding through the game, you can pick any game mode to do this
  • Once you’ve earned enough XP to open Tier 5 you will have another choice of Agent
  • Continue this process to unlock all of the Agents, it takes around 15-30 hours to unlock a single Agent based on the XP points you earn per match

  • Purchase 1000 Valorant Points using a method of payment in-game
  • Click on the Agents section and select the Agent you wish to unlock
  • Instead of activating a contract, click on the Purchase icon to buy the selected Agent
  • The Agent will now be unlocked for use in-game
  • Note that every Valorant Agent costs 1000 Valorant Points to purchase

As noted, new Agents will be released in the game with the release of a new Act. Riot Games are set to continue this method of releasing new Agents in the FPS title going forward.

Read More: Valorant: How do you unlock all of the Agents?

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