Valorant: How to Team Chat and All Chat (Complete Guide)

Here is how to All and Team Chat in Valorant

One of the most prominent elements of Valorant as a multiplayer game and eSport is the ability to team chat and all chat in the server, but how do you do it?

The dedicated text-based chat system beyond the voice chat feature is an extremely important way to communicate with other players in the game to negotiate tactical choices and teamplay decisions.

Here’s everything you need to know about communicating with your team and every player on the server in Valorant.

New players to Valorant might find the system confusing, as you can swap between Team and All modes using the same chatbox.

This involves switching using shortcut keys, so for new players, there is a lot to take in and memorise to ensure you’re telling the right players the right thing.

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Here is how to All and Team Chat in Valorant

How to Team Chat in Valorant

  • First off, it is worth knowing that the chat box defaults to the bottom left of the screen when you’re playing Valorant
  • Speaking to your teammates during a match is the easiest of the two modes, as it is the default chat mode in the game.
  • To send messages to your Team, press Enter followed by your message inside any game mode
  • It is worth noting that the chat box will have the word ‘Team’ as a prefix to every message you send only to your teammates during a match

How to All Chat in Valorant

  • Enter any game mode in Valorant
  • After the map has loaded, press Shift + Enter or type /all in Team mode to change the chat mode from Team to All
  • You can confirm that the mode has changed by looking at the prefix of your message, as it should now read ‘All’
  • If you can see that the mode has clearly changed, then write in your message and hit Enter to send

It is obviously worth remembering to not hassle or be abusive to other players in the chat box or in voice chat, as Riot Games reserves the right to issue temporary or permanent bans to players if they do not conduct themselves in a proper manner.

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