Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3: What are the Gypsy King’s best knockouts?


With the Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder fight around the corner, Fury promises to end the trilogy fight on a KO.

Last Year, Fury was successful in giving Wilder his first career defeat by beating him in a seventh-round stoppage.

Fury belted Wilder in all corners of the ring before his side was forced to throw the towel to end the fight.

This fight put a stop to the questions regarding Fury’s ‘Power’.

Let us take a walk down memory lane on ‘The Gypsy King’s’ five best KO as he prepares to defend his WBS title at the T-Mobile Arena.

Deontay Wilder II – February 2020

When the December 2018 fight ended in a draw it was justifiable that Fury felt betrayed and was not happy about it.

So he ended up making sure that nothing in the second bout was left for the judges to decide.


The onslaught from Fury began right from the first bell, with Wilder being on the back foot for most of the match. 

The punishment was put to an end by Wilder’s corner in the seventh round when Fury sent him down twice, making him a two-time heavyweight champion.

Steve Cunningham – April 2013

This fight led to the famous ‘you can’t go swimming and not get wet’ statement from Fury. As he was pushing Cunningham to keep coming at him despite being knocked down by Cunningham in the second round.

What only Cunningham would remember for the rest of his life about the fight would be the marvellous right hook that he received from Fury in the seventh round, which knocked him out of the match.

We could see him repeating these words if he can pull it off against Wilder on Saturday.

Martin Rogan – April 2012

This fight was for the Irish heavyweight title. Most anticipated Rogan to emerge victoriously and rightly so as the first few rounds went to him.


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But Fury had more gas left in him than anyone imagined. Despite being floored in the third round, he once again battered the veteran so hard that his corner was forced to pull him off.

Marcelo Nascimento – February 2011

Despite being far from a clinical performance by Fury, he was able to pull off one of the most brutal KO’s the heavyweight division has seen.

Until Fury landed his mammoth right to Nascimento in the fifth round, the fight was going on with even punches and lunges from both corners.

But the build-up to his mammoth right was what awed the spectators. With body shots and hooks to the skull before his big blow, he made sure that Nascimento was put to sleep for good in this encounter.

Bela Gyongyosi – 2008

One thing common in most of his knockouts is the use of body shots to set up his opponent’s defeat.

The glimpses of which were shown in Fury’s first two minutes of his Professional boxing career, when he sent Gyongyosi down.

Sadly for Gyongyosi, he only had a few seconds before a fist from Fury brought him down for good.

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