WWE: The 8 superstars who could win King of the Ring


The King of the Ring tournament is back!

WWE have announced that the tournament will take place across both Raw and SmackDown, with the aim of crowning a new king at the end of it. 

The King of the Ring has a long and storied history, with the likes of Baron Corbin, Booker T, and Stone Cold Steve Austin being famous victors. 

Here, we take a look at eight potential superstars who would be ideal new Kings reigning over the WWE Universe!



This feels like perfect timing to give Woods a decent singles push, especially with Big E now holding the big belt on Raw. 

Woods has already revealed his excitement at the return of the King of the Ring tournament and this would be an ideal chance for Woods to show what he can do in a singles setting. 

Kofi Kingston and Big E have had huge crowning moments in the past couple of years; this could be Woods' time. 



King Zayn? Sign us up. 

Sami hasn't really had a push at the top level for some time and both of his main roster title reigns have been short. 

But he's been pulling off some truly exceptional character work recently with his conspiracy theorist gimmick, and he'd be a great snivelling heel King. 

Add in that he's fantastic in the ring and we'd love to see this. 



You could make the argument here that AJ Styles doesn't really need any more huge accolades in WWE. He's a two-time WWE Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion, a three-time United States Champion and a former Raw Tag Team Champion. 

He's got muscle in Omos, and making him King could add a nice dimension to his character. 

AJ is a fantastic heel, and this would be a good way to show off some of his excellent mic work. 



Please push Chad Gable. 

This is a generational professional wrestling talent who can work exceptional matches with literally anyone.

He had a groundswell of support in a previous King of the Ring tournament, ultimately losing to Baron Corbin in the final. 

Now's the time to go one step further.



King of the Ring doesn't have to be a heel prop, as it can also elevate a new star. 

Dominik has shown what he can do on the main roster, working with his father Rey, and this would be a fine way to give him the ball and let him run with it. 



Karrion Kross hasn't exactly made a name for himself on the main roster yet. 

The King of the Ring could change that. 

Giving him the opportunity to run through the roster in a work rate-based tournament would legitimise Kross in the eyes of the main roster fans, and allow him the opportunity to showcase some of that excellent in-ring NXT work too. 



Ricochet has been a prince before, working as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground. 

That was perhaps the best character of his career and giving Ricochet a main roster push to the level of being King would be a nice way to refresh fan's memories of just how good this man is. 

He can flip with the best of them, and he'd look fantastic doing it with a crown on his head.



Elias hasn't been seen on WWE television since July, when he lost a Symphony of Destruction match to Jaxson Ryker. 

Having him return during the King of the Ring tournament, to win it, would be an exceptional way of bringing him back to the main roster. 

WWE stands for Walk With Elias, after all. King Elias has a great ring to it. 

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