Jon Jones has done a 'lot of unforgivable things', says UFC star Miesha Tate

  • Tom Ward
UFC star Miesha Tate says Jon Jones is a 'grown-ass man and he needs to be responsible'

Miesha Tate may be friends with Jon Jones, but that doesn’t mean that she always has to agree with everything that he says or does.

So much so that she was left mortified after Jones was arrested in Las Vegas last month a few hours after being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. 

And she has decided to speak out after the controversial star found himself in hot water over charges of domestic battery and tampering with a vehicle.  

“It is so disheartening,” Tate told Combat Culture.

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“Jon Jones, we can give him all the compliments for his accolades and he deserves that, but there are just a lot of unforgivable things that he’s done throughout the history of his career.

“At least in the limelight that we know of. It’s really tough to separate, I think it’s getting more difficult for fans to separate the two.

“To just be a fan of him as a fighter and not recognize the other things he does as a human being that kind of tarnish that.

“Who should be in charge of Jon Jones? Jon Jones should be in charge of Jon Jones.

“There’s nobody else that we should be looking at. It’s not his fiancée’s fault, it’s not his parents’ fault at this point. He’s a grown-ass man.

“He’s a grown-ass man and he needs to be responsible.”

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Jon Jones

Where was Jon Jones born?

Jones, 33, was taken into custody by cops at a resort on Flamingo Street, near the Las Vegas Boulevard on September 24.

Tate doesn’t exactly know what goes on with Jones behind closed doors but she knows he has got a lot of problems he desperately needs to fix before it is too late.

The former UFC bantamweight champion added: “I would like to consider myself an acquaintance-slash-friend [of his]. I don’t wish anything ill towards Jon Jones.

“I know I have p—– him off before with my comments, but if I had any advice for the man, from the bottom of my heart, it would be to stay away from those things that cause you that potential fallout.

“Whether that be alcohol, whether it be certain kinds of drugs, I don’t know. If it’s an atmosphere [or] if it’s Las Vegas.

“If you need to walk out of the room when you’re upset and take an hour before you come back and talk to your partner.

“I don’t know what his Kryptonites are, but I think he has to be strong enough and have the mental fortitude to recognize those and stay the hell away from him. That’s how he’s going to keep himself out of trouble.

“Nobody can do that but him. Dana White cannot get one of those little kiddy leashes and follow him around all day long. It’s not Dana White’s fault.

“You can’t do that. He has to recognize what his problems are, Kryptonites are and steer clear.

“I hope he can do that but I won’t be one holding my breath because you can’t even be surprised by it anymore.”

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