eFootball 2022's Metacritic score is truly abysmal after horror launch


Konami’s famed Pro Evolution Soccer series has recently been rebranded to eFootball, but the first edition of the game has started in perhaps the most ghastly way possible.

After spending years known as PES and battling FIFA to be crowned top dog in the football video game industry, the people over at Konami decided to switch things up this year… but it hasn’t gone exactly to plan.

The PS5 version of eFootball 2022, which has only been out for a matter of days, has received an abysmal user rating of just 0.5 out of 10 on Metacritic.

Only three users gave it a positive feedback while the other 82 were negative. 

The PS4 version of the game fared even worse with a user score of 0.4 based on 76 reviews.

The game received a lot of criticism because of its graphics, with one user saying: “I have been a fan of PES for 12 years, although there were some years that it was not good, but I can say this year is the worst. What the hell did they do with the gameplay?

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“Terrible graphics and a lot of bugs. They did a really good job of 20 and season update 21, I thought PES was coming back after a long time had been taken over by FIFA. Konami totally ruined PES with their new ideas. Maybe the legendary PES has died with the name when it was changed to eFootball.”

Another wrote: “Worst football game I have ever played. Graphics are worse than PES 21, being free doesn’t justify this. Would have paid full price for a decent PES.”

So it’s safe to say the eFootball series has started pretty disappointingly and gaming fans can only hope that the next one fares better.

Konami have already had to release a formal apology for the game, promising fans that they’ll update and improve it as soon as possible.



It hasn’t been a very good time for football games in general it would seem, as FIFA 22 is currently performing miserably as well.

The PS5 version of the game received a user score of 2.7 on Metacritic, while the PS4 version only got 2.5.

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