Battlefield 2042: More details emerge around great feature in Orbital Map

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 will be released on Friday 19th November 2021 and leaks have emerged revealing a great feature that happens on multiplayer map Orbital.

The franchise has given players lots of eras to fight in, and now they are sending players to the future where they can battle in giant cities and fight with or against robot dogs.

Battlefield 2042 really gives players a completely different multiplayer action experience, and many are so excited to finally get their hands on the game.

The postponement of its release has upset many, but hopefully the release of the Early Access will make those upset a lot happier.

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Battlefield 2042 multiplayer map feature leaked

Orbital is a map set to be featured in Battlefield 2042. It was first seen in the Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer.

There is a feature that the developers have made for this map which makes it very unique and exciting. These latest details on Orbital have surfaced on social media and were Tweeted out by Tom Henderson.

The reliable leaker revealed that the Weather on the map will be roughly 50% rain and 50% sunny and 10% of the time during the rain, the weather there will be a tornado. Bringing a tornado to the map is a crazy idea and we will see a tornado on Orbital roughly 1 in 20 games.

According to Henderson, this has been specifically designed to test in the beta. These tornadoes will take different paths through the map each time.

If players thought fighting their opponents in a normal setting was too easy, then they will definitely find some good difficulty in multiplayer game modes when a tornado is terrorizing the map.

This is a great idea, and hopefully it receives a lot of praise during the beta. We will surely see more ideas like this from the Battlefield franchise if it goes down well with the gaming community.

Early Access was released today (Wednesday 6th October 2021), so we will get a better understanding of the Orbital map over the next few days.

There was a bit of difficulty with the tornadoes feature in the Alpha tests of the game, but no doubt all these issues should now be rectified seeing as they are giving players access to the game for the first time.

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