Max Verstappen: Christian Horner responds to Sir Jackie Stewart's recent critique of Dutchman


Christian Horner has offered an opposing view to Sir Jackie Stewart who recently claimed that Max Verstappen still has a little bit more maturing to do in terms of becoming the complete F1 driver.

The three-time world champion drove in an era of the sport that was arguably the most dangerous with the cars getting increasingly powerful and safety an afterthought to say the least.

Indeed, he was a real pioneer for improving the latter aspect having seen so many of his contemporaries pay the ultimate price for simply driving fast and, naturally, when he sees incidents like the one in Monza between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, such safety concerns for him arise once more.

Of course, Formula 1 has come a long way but that does not mean that the drivers should be getting complacent in terms of safety, and Stewart has felt at times this year that that has crept in, and not just with Max.

He did say after Monza, though, that the Dutchman is still slightly in the 'puppy dog' stage and, of course, having only recently turned 24 there is still so much for him to achieve and learn in the sport in the years ahead.

Horner, though, has looked to highlight the improvements and progress Verstappen has already made in his career so far, in offering an alternative view to Sir Jackie's:


"Of course, I always respect Sir Jackie’s opinion.

"But I think Max has shown great maturity this year. You’re always evolving, always learning, and I’m sure Sir Jackie made a few mistakes in his time.

"So that’s the journey of life. You learn from every experience and when you see the progression from a 17-year-old, when he came into Formula 1, to the driver he is today, it’s pretty impressive."

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