Minecraft: How Can I Make a Honeycomb? (Complete Guide)

Here's how to get a honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb in Minecraft is a special item that cannot be made with a crafting table or furnace, so how can you make it?

The item can be extremely handy when you’re playing in Survival Mode and isn’t that difficult to get a hold of, so it is worth doing!

Here is everything you need to know about acquiring Honeycomb in Minecraft.

It is worth noting that Honeycomb is only available in the following versions of Minecraft:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) – Yes (1.15)
  • Pocket Edition (PE) – Yes (1.14.0)
  • Xbox 360 – No
  • Xbox One – Yes (1.14.0)
  • PS3 – No
  • PS4 – Yes (1.14.0)
  • Wii U – No
  • Nintendo Switch Yes – (1.14.0)
  • Windows 10 Edition – Yes (1.14.0)
  • Education Edition – Yes (1.14.31)

So if you are playing on Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U? Unfortunately you won’t be able to find it in-game.

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Here's how to get a honeycomb in Minecraft

How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Here is how you can add Honeycomb to your inventory whilst playing Survival Mode in Minecraft:

Find a Bee Nest

  • The first thing you need to do is find a bee’s nest in the Minecraft world you are playing in.
  • You can usually find one in a Flower Forest, the plains or Sunflower Plains
  • The bee’s nest will either be hanging from a birch or an oak tree

Equip and Use The Shears

  • Once you’ve found the bee’s nest, equip the shears by selecting them from the hotbar
  • Now, as the bees enter the nest the honey level will increase
  • Once the bee’s nest is full of honey, you will then see it dripping out
  • Now, use the shears to father the honeycombs from the bee’s nest

Pick Up The Honeycomb

  • MAKE SURE that you pick up the Honeycomb before it disappears from the screen
  • Once collected, the item will appear in the hotbar

In-Game Controls

The actual in-game controls differ when it comes to using the shears, and they are as follows:

  • Java Edition (PC/Mac) – Left click and then hold on the bee nest.
  • Pocket Edition (PE) – Tap and hold on the bee’s nest.
  • Xbox One – Press and hold the RT button on your controller
  • PS4 – Press and hold the R2 button on your controller.
  • Nintendo Switch – Press and hold the ZR button your joy con.
  • Windows 10 Edition – Left click and then hold on the bee nest.
  • Education Edition – Left click and then hold on the bee nest.

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