WWE: Five perfect opponents for Goldberg's last matches


Goldberg is preparing for his next shot at Bobby Lashley

The iconic superstar is set to once again go toe-to-toe with the All Mighty after their encounter at SummerSlam

The two behemoths fought for the WWE Championship there but here, they'll be going one-on-one in a No Holds Barred non-title match after Big E defeated Lashley for his title. 

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, via Wrestling Headlines, has reported that on his current contract, Goldberg only has two more matches on his contract after this one. 

They are both set to take place in 2022, so we've taken a look at who his ideal final opponents could be; Goldberg is set to turn 55 in December, and these could well be the final two matches of his run. 

Take a look at our list of five possible opponents below!



This one feels too obvious, really, but that's because, well, it is. 

Roman v Goldberg was meant to happen at WrestleMania 36 but concerns over COVID led the Head of the Table to pull out. Braun Strowman took his place and ultimately beat Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship. 

Having a Spear v Spear match is one of the biggest potential bouts that WWE hasn't staged yet, and we'd bet our final pound coin that this will happen before Goldberg hangs up his wrestling boots. 

Adding in the potential wrinkle of it being a retirement match for Goldberg, and you've got Vince McMahon making a fortune. 



This match has never happened. 

Goldberg, one of the biggest icons in WCW history, versus John Cena, one of the biggest icons in WWE history. 

The two have never once gone head-to-head in a one-on-one match and it feels like the kind of bout that would be absolutely perfect for a Saudi Arabian show. 

Cena has a more reduced schedule at this point, of course, but one has to think he'd be more than willing to tear it up with Goldberg in a big money match. 

Admit it, you'd like to see it. 



This would be a proper sprint; think of it like Brock Lesnar's match with Goldberg at WrestleMania 33. 

Keith 'Bearcat' Lee needs a big win and a victory over Goldberg would go a long way to legitimising him as a proper main event star. 

He's got the look, and Goldberg putting him over would be an ideal way for him to elevate a potential superstar. 



Much like the entry above, Karrion Kross hasn't really been seen as a main event talent on the main roster yet. 

A programme with Goldberg, leading to a huge win, would allow him the opportunity to prove his worth, and be elevated at the same time. 

It's a bit of fantasy booking, of course, because he's a baby on the main roster, really, but we think this would do wonders for Kross' character. 



Two absolute super heavyweights. 

WALTER hasn't been used all that much in the US but this would be a nice way to strap a rocket to his back if he decides to perform in America more often.

Imagine him countering a spear with a chop. That image alone is enough for us to think that this would be a genuinely brilliant match, and it'd also mean that WALTER has a statement win under his belt right off the bat. 

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