Floyd Mayweather's ring IQ highlighted in viral video clip


A clip of five-time world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather has recently surfaced on the internet and has caught viral attention on the likes of Twitter, Reddit and even ESPN.

Then former undefeated boxer was known for his defensive style and swift offensive attack often carried out opportunistically, with the American often being pinned to the ropes in the early rounds of a bout before taking the fight to a tired opponent.

Even after retirement, fans are finding fights and clips that display how Mayweather’s tactical approach allowed him to claim 11 titles in his career and become one of the most successful boxers of all time.

The clip in question showcases the fight between a 23-year-old Mayweather against the late Diego Corrales in January of 2001. The fight occurred after Corrales challenged Mayweather for the WBC super featherweight title.

The video not only highlights Mayweather’s physical ability, but impressively his tactical thinking in order to win over his opponent.

He can be seen almost rhythmically applying straight left blows to the body and he continues this methodical process four times within the space of 15 seconds, on the fifth, Corrales attempts to defend the left jab, while Mayweather takes the opportunity to use a left hook, hitting his opponent in the head and knocking him down for the second time in the seventh round.

Mayweather would continue to knock Corrales down once more in the seventh round and twice in the 10th before the fight was stopped and the champ was crowned the victor.

If anything, the clip showcases a preview of the style that Mayweather would become synonymous with.

An opportunist, who, while not being the most offensive in the ring, could calculate his opponent’s faults.

During his career, Mayweather could often be seen faltering in the first few rounds, such as versus Marcos Maidana or Zab Judah. Attempting to understand their fighting style and the weaknesses within it.



This ultimately led to Mayweather’s success and his ability to outclass his opposition despite them initially having the advantage.

The viral clip is only a single piece in a catalogue of Mayweather’s signature boxing knowledge and how his use of it allowed him to remain undefeated within his career.

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