Max Verstappen names the Formula 1 driver he would support if he wasn't one himself


Max Verstappen has revealed how he would be a supporter of Fernando Alonso if he was not in Formula 1 himself.

The Dutchman is looking to win his first-ever world title this year in the sport and comes up against Lewis Hamilton, with them just two points apart in the championship standings.

Indeed, many feel they are the best pair on the grid but a lot would like to see Alonso in a fast enough car up against them, as there is a suspicion he could still more than hold his own against them.

Certainly, it seems as though Max is a member of the Fernando fan club with him responding to a young F1 supporter’s question during Thursday’s driver press conferences over who he would follow if he was not in the sport himself.

Verstappen is not alone in the Alonso appreciation society, either, with Lance Stroll of Aston Martin sat alongside him and saying the same thing about the Spaniard.

This footage comes via Formula 1 on Twitter:

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